September 17, 2009

Fall is definitely in the air. We are gearing up with some great things planned. Sara has been coming on Thursdays again. We missed her and are glad she is back! Tracy, her mom has offered to put purple glitter toes on the girls here because it's one of our center's colors! Fun. We will have to work that in someday soon.
Chad is going to start coming on a regular basis come January! We love a good John, I mean Chad! Can't wait.
April is our new friend. She came with us last Fall a day or 2 but is now graduated from South Valley, riding UTA and coming a few times a week. What a sweetheart she is.
We mentioned August last blog but want to double welcome him, He is getting to know everyone right now and will soon find his place here as one of the guys...he and Tawna are our Friday pals. They definitely make Fridays special. Tawna is so curious and bright and loves seeing new things and meeting new people.
Jesse, Cameron, and Katrice have headed back to South Valley. Kelsie is back at Taylorsville High. We will miss them but look forward to seeing them on their days off. (this Friday September 25th for our Heber Creeper Train ride!!)
Beau is still our sweet buddy who has been not only coming on his regular days but sneaking in a few Fridays as well for some of our fun activities like last Friday's State Fair visit. We love when he comes. He and Stuart are the best of friends. They had quite the tight little partnership for months but lately have been including other buddies into their circle. It is so wonderful to watch these "friends" circles expand, intertwine and include others around them. We feel like each individual is fitting in and being included so nicely. Stuart has included so beautifully our new bud August. Thanks Stuart.
Ashley continues to LOVE library day and is our baby products, cereal, & baking foods person at the Food Bank. She is so conscientious and we appreciate her willingness to always help cheerfully.
Kate got a butterfly tattoo at the Utah State Fair. That was so brave of her doing something so unknown like that. We are proud of her for trying new things! Way to go Katie Bee!
Andy's nice neighbor Lisa, the Pilot for the Air National Guard gave him a cool hat that has a picture of 2 planes on the side and front of it. He loves his new hat. He is now coming to the Center 3 days a week and works at Draper Elementary the other 2 days. Busy man! So glad he fits us in.
Daniel is our traveling man & recently returned from Wyoming. He comes back from his many expeditions and tells us about his adventures. We need to call him Indiana Jones!
Jacque gets to go to Moab this week and watch Rod & mom compete in a mt. biking activity! She will come back all tan and happy. She also got a new beautiful bike of her own. Good luck on your race guys & ride that new bike safely Jacque girl!! See you when you get back.
Maddy is our dancing machine. Anytime we have the music on she likes to shake her bootie. She is a naturally good dancer. On our 1 mile+ walk last Wednesday she walked the fastest we have ever seen her do. She is turning into a great "Wednesday walker".
Nate the Great has become one of the guys quite beautifully. He has many friends here and always has fun things to say. We had an impromptu talent show last month at Thanksgiving Point's amphitheatre and he told us a string of very funny jokes!
Chris we miss you and hope you are well.
We started this blog entry days ago and are happy to get it submitted! Woo hoo!

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Beau's mom said...

Beau is still coloring over his tattoo that he had done at the fair,,,,with black permanent marker.Please believe that he does shower, but we have to duck tape over it each day!!!!!Thaks for giving him such a fun day.