August 14, 2009

Happy Friday! We have made some nice things in arts and crafts lately thanks to Kathy Barrett. One of them was turtles out of paper plates. They turned out so cute. Kate named hers "Turtle", Kelsie (our new friend!!!) named hers "Arthur". Stuart named his "Beau" then later changed it to "Michaelangelo". Cameron named his "Bently". We also made 12 tie die shirts. It was a busy day with 12 cute friends here all making shirts...they loved it. One other project we did was with bowling pins that our favorite Bonwood Bowl donated to us. We spray painted them and then put photos and stickers all over them. It turned out to be a pleasant project too.
We have had so many new friends and returning friends. We feel so fortunate. We have April and Sara here today. Also a new friend named Kelsie. Nate, Jesse have joined us as well.
We want to tell Katrice, Jesse, and Cameron good luck at South Valley and we will miss them and look forward to seeing them again soon on S.V.'s breaks. Speaking of SV valley breaks, on September the 25th we will be going on the Heber Creeper! It will be a real treat. It's a 2 hour train ride through the back side of the Wasatch Mountains.We will take tons of beautiful pictures for certain.
"Nana", Kate's grandmother from Long Beach California is visiting for a few days and went to the library with us today! What a sweet lady she is and Kate is so happy to see her.
On our walking Wednesdays we have been pushing ourselves to get some good exercise. A week ago Weds, we walked on the Jordan Parkway for 3/4 mile. We are so proud of the kids when they just stick to it and get their walking done. Good Job Guys!!!

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