February 09, 2009

Our blogging is getting sparse! We have so many fun things going on oh my goodness. Beau's Grandma Boyack has healed beautifully, Maddy's Grandma Strong had surgery on her finger and carpel tunnel, It all turned out nicely.
Rob, one of our favorite Commercial Lighting employees and friends helped Stuart and Beau crush 150 light bulbs each! Those 3 men had so much fun doing that. Thank you Rob for showing our guys how to do all that and helping them out... 300 bulbs...Sheesh!
We have a new beautiful van for our activities in the community.(pictures coming) We feel so so fortunate to have such a clean, pretty, lovely,comfortable machine to cruise around in. Thank you to Mark and Nancy for this great gift. We are sure spoiled around here.
Last but certainly NOT least, today is our dear friend Maddy's Birthday! She is 22 and we had a little birthday party with cake, ice cream AND Grandma and Grandpa Strong came. They helped Stacy, Mark, Kate, Stuart, Nancy, Ashley, Beau and I sing Happy Birthday to her. What a cute girl she is and soo happy to have a birthday.

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Darby J said...

Happy Birthday Maddy!!