February 02, 2009

It's Groundhogs day and we heard rumor that the groundhog sadly saw his shadow this morning so we are facing another 6 weeks of cold winter weather. We believe he has seen his shadow every year for the last 6 or 7. We had fun doing Groundhog's Day art and talking about him. 
     We had a wonderful visit from some Lifelong friends this past Wednesday! Maddy, Will, Darby and Rob, Beau's sister and her family who live in New Hampshire were here at our center. We loved meeting them and having them here to help us decorate for Valentine's day. We saw the terrific Uncle Beau in action. Thank you for coming to see us dear new friends!      
     Last Thursday when we went to go help at the Food Bank they were closed for inventory so we headed to the State Capital building which was so beautiful! It made us proud to be Utahns. It was a busy day there, there were alot of people in suits and ties conducting important business everywhere. We saw the majestic white lions out front and many nice architectural features all over the place from carved flowers and goat heads to golden bee hives. Super beautiful.
     Friday we went swimming and we have never heard Maddy laugh so much and so deeply. Oh my goodness that was a fun activity, we definatly want to make a habit of swimming at least twice a month. We sat in the hot tub after...I now know what I am going to ask Santa for christmas next year...everyone was so calm, happy and peaceful in there. Quite magical actually. 

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Darby J said...

We so enjoyed our visit to the Lifelong Learning Center. Now Maddie knows what I'm talking about when I talk about Beau being there. It was great to meet everyone and I appreciate all the love that you send Beau's way. Happy Groundhog Day!