December 29, 2008

Welcome back from Christmas everybody! We have had some wonderful days other than the Christmas break. We went to the Tracy Aviary today and saw some amazing birds...big, little, noisy, quiet, ugly, beautiful, (I know, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder). We missed the bird show which shows daily at 11:30. We talked to the nice people at the ticket counter and asked if we were to keep our receipt could we come back on another day for a show, they were happy to let us! We will choose a less snowy day.
It's actually quite warm out there...everything is in melting mode.
It's going to be nature week because this Wednesday is free zoo day again. We loved it last month and are looking forward to visiting our cute friends there again.
Last Tuesday we went to see The Tale Of Desperuex (? spelling). A cute animated movie about a precious little mouse. Pretty good.
Today Beau, Kate, Stuart and Chad all came in happy and excited about their wonderful Christmas's. Chad's brother came here all the way from Chicago! Pretty cool. He will also bring in his new bowling ball for bowling day tomorrow.We can't wait to see it. Kate got a new TV and can't stop grinning when she tells us about it. Her dear friend Amy made her a special quilt with photos of her and friends on it. Nancy brought it in for us to see, so thoughtful. Beau is the proud new owner of Wii Bowl, and a few choice country CD's....Taylor Swift is one of them. She is a cutie Beau! lucky buck. Stuart got a camera and some more Power Rangers to add to his collection of many many. We love that!
It was a wonderful holiday for everyone. The kids smiles told us that. Thank you Santa Clause!

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