October 01, 2008


Here we are in one of the most beautiful weather weeks I can remember. 
Yesterday we went to Silver Lake up by Solitude and Brighton ski resorts. WOW! talk about BEEUTIFUL! 
Beau remembers that we saw a guy fishing in his waders and that we hiked. Kate remembers that we walked around her cabin which was really a great place by the way. There were squirrels scampering around which made Beau laugh a ton ... such a cute reaction. 
We ate sack lunches at a pic-nic table. We had tuna sandwiches and baby diet Cokes. Beau is reminding me that there were pickles in all of our sandwiches. 
The leaves on the trees were so amazingly colorful and made us all feel really happy. We gathered leaves,  twigs and pine cones for an art project we are going to to do. We walked a ton and each of us broke a sweat.  
Today we watered all of our plants and baked cookies that we shared with the Commercial lighting gang. Both Kate and Beau put 6 cookies in little zip lock bags for their dad's... lucky guys.
I have so so many tomatoes in my garden that Kate, Stace and I are going to make salsa on Friday and put it in little bottles, we can't wait.
Here's a shout out to Jan Brown who gets to visit Darby,  William,  Maddy, and Rob in the beautiful Fall leaf state of New Hampshire! We hear Doug and Beau are going to "PARTAY!!!"
 while she is out. Hope the house is still standing when she gets back. Have a wonderful time Jan.
Bye again dear friends. The LLC gang!

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