September 29, 2008

Wow! What a great day we had last many friends and family members came to our open house! We were pleasantly surprised at the turn out and want to thank everyone who came...THANK YOU!
We loved showing off our new center. The pictures on the wall were a hit. The appliances in the kitchen and the fancy pants lighting got a lot attention too! All in all a great day.
Here we are back at it. Beau made sure Demarie and Natalia got their supply of envelopes this morning. Kate came in and helped with menu planning. We all went to Costco where Beau sang "Who's bed have your boots been under" on the Karaoke with me (Kathy) while Stacy took pictures. He also played an electric guitar that they have on display for the Christmas season... He worked up a sweat. Kate loves to just watch Beau, she thinks he's quite amazing as he bravely does his thing there on the imaginary Costco stage. Thanks also Beau for pushing me on the flat bed, you are an excellent driver.
Kate told us today that she couldn't eat because she had her whole hand in her mouth! Then she laughs...too cute.
Tomorrow we are going up to Silver Lake by Brighton ski resort and packing a lunch so we can see some fall color... can't wait.
Bye For now!

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Beau's mom said...

What a fun time you all have! I was aware of Beau's driving skills on a tractor, but I didn't realize he also had talents operating a flat Bed too!
We DO know about his love for country music...He often performs in the early hours of the morning from his bedroom....quite loudly..we wonder what the neighbors think!
Thank you Kate for being such a good friend to Beau. He talks non stop about your trips to Costco and the things you stir up in the kitchen. Who would have ever guessed that the two friends who sang together so long with the "Star Light Singers", would find that friendship again at the Lifelong Learning Center.(We have watched the video of your performances since grade school)Beau has not been this happy in a LONG time. Thank you to the Barton's, Stacy, Kathy and everyone at Commercial Lighting for making this program possible.Have a fun day at the lake!
PS..Beau's mom is not the only one who finds him irresistible...the red spots on his legs are not contagious...just the result from a weekend visit to Brittney and John's, and some pretty determined Farmington mosquitoes!