May 27, 2010

So Many wonderful things have been happening here. We were able to let our butterflies go free...that was fun. We tried to fly our kites at Sugarhouse park again...failed again :) but we gathered pine cones while we were there and the next week walked to our bridge just west of us and threw them into the water. As we did, we each made a wish. The following are our wishes:Ashley wished to watch Harry Potter with her mom, Kate wished for spending time with her friends, Beau wished for money, Chad wished for his brother Travis to have a happy birthday in Chicago, Stu wished that beau could be his brother, August wished for pizza, Stacy wished for all UTA issues to go away, and Kathy wished for simplicity and order.
We made creamy Lemon Lovelies and oh my goodness they were so good. Everyone loved them (Stacy named them!)
We went to Thanksgiving point for our annual roll down the gigantic hill and also looked at the beautiful flowers. The kids love the Coy Fish pond and we were able to feed them fish food.
A really awesome event was watching the Bee's baseball game in a box suite. We were inside where it was warm and had a hot dog lunch brought into us. We all loved it and want to thank Mark and Nancy again for a memorable day. Andy, Ashley, August, April, Beau, Chad, Cameron, Jacque, Kate, Katrice, Nate, Sara, Stuart and Tawna all got to go.
Each person painted a pot, planted a flower in it then took it to their moms/grandmas for Mother's Day. These kids love their families and get so excited to do things like that.
June looks like it is going to be another great month!

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