November 05, 2008

Today we got to go to "HSM 3",or in regular talk, High school Musical 3. Kate, Beau, Stacy and I were there with 6 other people on this winter white day (still Fall technically). Gateway was very quiet so parking was great.
I was a little Leary about the movie keeping Beau's and Kate's attention but it was so great. Beau danced along with every song. Kate loved it.
When we got in the car Kate said "It's colder than warm" and Stacy responded in an effort I think to verify what Kate had just said by saying "Yes, Kate, it's freezing to cold" ... Beau and I just looked at each other and pretended to understand what they were talking about.
Yesterday we made rice pudding from scratch with Beau, Sara, and Kate. It turned out so yummy.
Sara had a great day with us coloring, playing UNO, making a magazine collage about our likes and dislikes. It was so fun to see what each of us interest's are...of course Stacy's had Golf this and Golf that all over it with a big old ROLEX watch smack dab in the middle. I wonder how much they are so I can put it on a Christmas list for Stace (wink, wink).
We're all going to hit the road here soon so we can beat the slow snow traffic. Have a warm cozy evening everyone!

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